Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Make Babies, Get Money

I know what you may be thinking, but no, I am not telling you to procreate in order to receive a tax incentive.  I am, however discussing how with careful planning pregnancy CAN be a profit (at least in the beginning when everything is SUPER expensive).
I started this blog in an effort to open up dialogue about parenthood as well as share tips about topics I knew little about prior to giving birth.
Note: These tips are best used when a pregnancy is planned.  My next baby will definitely benefit!
In 2011 I worked for an agency which offered a disability insurance plan for $30 a month.  I was aware the plan payed 70% of your income to you during maternity leave for up to 6 weeks.  While I thought is was an awesome idea, I myself wrestled with the idea of EVER having children, and I didn't see myself as needing the coverage.
You can only benefit if you are covered 2 months prior to conception.  I was unemployed by the time I conceived; however as my dad said, even though I didn't try to get pregnant, I didn't try hard enough no to.  I received unemployment and later got a different job, but the lesson was learned the hard way.
I have since happened across an informative little article on this link http://www.ourfreakingbudget.com/how-we-made-money-off-our-baby/
where both the author (and an insurance agent in the comment section) listed policies to investigate pre-pregnancy:
hospital indemnity
personal sickness
disability (which pays part of your income to you)
Also, AFLAC offers the 1 day claim fulfillment so your bills will not suffer as you wait in agony for claims to be processed.  Pretty nifty, right?

If you have any additional information, please comment below.
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Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Jahi McMath

The vibrant 13 year old in the picture was declared brain dead after a surgery went south.  Despite her mother's pleas for the life of her daughter, the obvious signs of life were dismissed.
You can read the full story here.

Though the overturning of the ruling sets a precedent, Jahi will never have the chance to grow up.  I know there is some solace in knowing this never has to happen to another child, but it has to hurt knowing her child was capable of living but denied a chance.

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Monday, October 6, 2014

Kelly Rowland is Preggers!


Kelly is sexy and she knows it! Check the pics....

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Hot Mama Zoe Saldana

Who is that hot preggo? Oh, that's just Zoe Saldana and her future twins! I need to get my shit together. That is all I think about when I see her being all hot and graceful with more than one baby on board. Check out the pics! http://hellobeautiful.com/2014/10/02/zoe-saldana-in-christian-dior-academy-of-motion-picture-arts-and-sciences-hollywood-costume-opening-party/

Monday, September 29, 2014

Fertility Miracles


Justice Over Everything


The Ferguson, MO shooting death of unarmed, college-bound teen Michael Brown has exposed the dominant society for what it really represents.  I am a mother of one, and I hope to have more, so I am following this story because it affects me and my future kids. I am Black before anything else. I could say I am human first, but I am a descendant of diaspora. My race has been dehumanized from the beginning of our journey to this country.
I am proud to see protesters sticking it out for real change instead of accepting the Pyrrhic victory. We don't need another memorial. We need the slave drivers called cops to know there is no refuge for killing our kids. We need the anonymous racists on Go Fund Me and other sites to have their donations withheld from these societal villains.  We need what we want, not some phony media stunt in between murders.

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Sunday, September 14, 2014

Have A Baby: The Surprising Benefits