Saturday, February 15, 2014

That Ain't Love, Love!

Valentine's Day has passed, and mine was lovely!  I hope you all had a good one, but for those who may be having hard times, I felt compelled to post a video from one of my favorite vloggers, Jerry Lavigne Jr.  While he is more notably recognized as a YouTube comedian, this past summer he opened up about having to take anger management due to an argument he had with his girlfriend, which led to police being called.
His story is an important one, because while he did not physically harm anyone, there are many forms of abuse, and he has come to understand that intimidation through yelling or property damage is just as unacceptable.
Learn the signs of abuse, and if the person you are with is not willing to get help, GET OUT!
Seek counsel from services established in your area.
This is Realest Mother Dearest signing off.  Take care of yourselves.

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