Wednesday, May 1, 2013

The Mammary Battle Continues.....

.....and it is mostly uphill.  I survived the food strike.  My daughter is now back on solids.  Her newest tactic is to avoid drinking anything other than water out of her sippy cup.  When I attempted to offer her a heaping helping of almond milk, she looked at me with contempt.  My faith is weakening but I mustn't give up!  I will have my wine again!  She is becoming very picky.  She now despises jar food and fresh food must be blended with fruit.  She will attempt feeding herself at first, but the nipple is her go-to.  I have even employed some low-blow warfare with no success.  I baked a delicious black eyed pea casserole and I diced up two (count 'em, TWO) large jalapeno peppers to add to the recipe.  I also added a half a bottle of Tabasco to the mix.  I love spice, but this wasn't about me.  My hope was to disrupt the flavor of my milk and devastate her delicate palate, thus traumatizing her to ne'er want mothers milk ever more.
She got gas and fell asleep.
Welp, this is a discouraged yet determined mother dearest signing off.
Please, if you have any advice, any at all, please leave it below.  I am desperate.

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