Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Mimi Faust and A Mother's Love

I love trash tv, so you know I had to watch the Love and Hip Hop Reunion (part 1, ugh!) and see if it was going to be the hype.  There was cussing and screaming and a few shed tears as usual, but the one story that stuck out to me was Mimi Faust's.  She mentioned briefly that her mother chose religion over parenthood when Mimi was 13 years old.
I can't imagine having a mother for 13 years of life and then, at such a pivotal turning point, being abandoned and forced to become a woman on my own.  I did not have the best relationship with my mother as a child, and my mother is a very devout Christian.  She's not a fanatic, but she's borderline.  I can somewhat sympathize, but Scientology is a whole other animal from what I can perceive from articles and interviews.  
When I read that Mimi never saw her mother again after that day AND her mother died of cancer in 2003, my heart broke for her.  There's no chance of reconciliation in this life for them.  All Mimi has is her own relationship with her daughter and the hope that she will be better than what she had, which is also my goal.  
The main thing I thought about was how I felt the day my daughter was born.  I can't see myself turning my back on her.
I wouldn't serve a God whose mandate would lead me to do so.  I don't know Mimi personally, but I have no doubt her experience greatly impacted her personality.  There were people in her life who stepped in and helped her along the way, since no man is an island, but we are hard-wired to want that maternal bond with our own mothers, no matter how kind or understanding a friend or family member may be.  I hope she will find a measure of peace with the situation.
That's all for now.  This is Realest Mother Dearest signing off.

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