Thursday, July 18, 2013

Darn It All To Heck!

I had a bit of a potty mouth before I had my daughter and I still do at times. She babbles and I have not slipped up in front of her very often (terrible, I know) but I have stubbed a toe and said sh-t once or twice.  This new life has new rules and I have some choice words I use in place of the words I would go to when little ears weren't around. So I submit to you all for your consideration a substitute of less colorful words, such as:
Folly (wtf= what the folly?)
Devil (what the devil are you doing? You know, devil, instead of the devil's, um, house)

There are so many ways to express oneself, ways that won't result in child care options being reduced.  I'm no saint but at least I can vent my frustrations and get a laugh instead of a disapproving glare with these and other words.

Until next time, this is Realest Mother Dearest signing off.

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