Friday, September 5, 2014

Your Baby Can't Read

The recent  exposing of the Your Baby Can Read product raises awareness to some fundamental flaws in teaching/training children. 

The program, which boasted a success rate based on research that frankly never happened, is a result of sequencing. 

Children are sponges.  Some are brilliant enough to comprehend the training at an earlier age than most, but many are merely mimicking a pattern.  Horses can be trained to "count", which usually means they can remember pictures and follow verbal and nonverbal cues to respond to a command as opposed to answering questions.

A way to ensure you are not simply teaching a parlor trick to your child is to make a relationship between the information and its application.

I use flashcards to teach my daughter numbers.  I also make her count objects.  She doesnt count large numbers of objects since we work with 1-20, but she understands she has 2 shoes, or 3 rocks.  She understands a $20 bill is more than a $1 bill (and she will ask for a $20 bill). 

Letters are a different battle.  I would like to teach her phonics, since that was the method I learned to read with, but I dont know if she has the focus to learn phonics as of yet.  Without phonics, letters are just pictures, and picture reading is reading without comprehension.

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