Sunday, November 18, 2012

Opinions Are Like.....

....butts. Everyone has one, and many of them stink. When it comes to the decisions I have made pertaining to my daughter, there has been some sort of silent alarm that only unsolicited advisers can hear, like a dog whistle for motor mouths who have nothing better to do than criticize other people's lives. I understand most people mean well, but lack a tactful approach. Case in point: a lady (a stranger) in the waiting room at the doctors office decided to inform me that pacifiers are harmful. I told her "that's nice to know" and promptly stuck the pacifier in my daughter's mouth. I also didn't make mention of the fact that her daughter was obese. You know why? Because I have manners!
When it comes to advice I have a few of rules I live by when it comes to other people's children:
1. If the parent doesn't ask, I don't tell.
2. If the child isn't in immediate danger, I don't interfere.
3. If there is a chronic issue in the home, i am not an expert. My only job is to call a professional (i.e., Child Protective Services)
There are so many hot-button topics and parents are soooo sensitive. If you breast feed or buy organic vegetables is not my problem. If we are mature adults I will discuss options with you, but if I don't see signs of neglect like cigarette burns or dirt on your child, I don't really give a damn. My job is not to micromanage another adult.
Until next time, this is Mother Dearest, signing off.
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