Thursday, November 15, 2012


I wish I could say I planned every detail of my pregnancy right down to the day of my daughter's conception. I wish I would have had a dietician and a beautiful water birth complete with doulas and incense. I wish I had a video of me being some mother goddess pushing and sweating only to reap the  fruit of my labor, my beautiful daughter. The reality is I conceived in spite of contraception, I was on sick leave due to hypertension, and I had a csection. Meh.
This blog is for every woman who gags at the idea that every step of childbirth is beautiful. What is beautiful is the knowledge gained, but I want you to know there is no shame in saying out loud when certain parts of the journey are challenging. Society has turned into a fantasy world and it is against the social code to say "this sucks!"
So here it is. It will be graphic, but then again, isn't life?

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